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Ways SEO And Content Marketing Can Work Together

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Since the rise of the concept of content marketing, there have been many expert opinions announcing the end of SEO and its replacement by this “new" discipline. Many years have passed, and SEO is still strong. This shows that content marketing does not replace SEO but rather compliments it.

The main differences between content marketing and SEO:

  • The aspects of SEO are more technical than content marketing. This includes correct use of URLs, title and alt tags, site maps, and others.
  • The content marketing is broader and not necessarily confined solely to fulfill SEO goals.

Content marketing and SEO should work together.

Some say that SEO is merely the creation of good content for search engines to index. It is the job of SEO to make the content ranked as important. Otherwise, every effort made for content marketing will be wasted. It doesn"t matter how good your content is if it will be penalized by Google, or Google will not index the page correctly, that content will be useless. That"s why both teams should work hand in hand. Companies offering SEO services in Jacksonville have been employing these two strategies to make them more effective.

Let us see some ways how SEO and content marketing work together:

Create original and quality content.

Posting quality content is very useful since keyword stuffing is no longer effective. However, creating good content but has weak paragraph will not work in SEO. This two discipline should work together.

From the SEO perspective, create original content and make it unique and attractive to differentiate it from your competitors. It will also give your website content for the search engine to index.

Make your content interesting. Ask yourself if your content inspires people to navigate your site for more than 2 minutes. Visitors staying on a website for a while will also help in SEO.

Research keywords

In this task, it is essential for the content marketing and SEO to work together. First, you must produce content with good quality. However, you should make sure that the content will have the potential to rank high and get the exposure it deserves. To achieve this goal, your content needs to match search terms that people search on Google and other search engines.

If you use a lot of technical terms in your articles, the type of language you use will not match the majority of searchers are using. To avoid this, search for Keywords to discover the popular terms and see if it matches the language you use.

Monitor keyword performance

Once you got a list of terms and phrases that you will use for your content, it is important to monitor their performance. Is the content you produce taking effect on search positions? Do not expect immediate results; it may take some time before you see movements in searches. Paragraph and some inclusive keywords can be much more competitive.

There is no guarantee of success, but a logical strategy applied properly on targeted content will work better than random contents. While using the proper keyword is important, one should not be too tied up to it to the point that it will affect the quality of content.


They should be descriptive and good enough to convince people to read your article. However, don’t overdo it as it will become a “click bait” which is always frowned upon. Make sure that your content will deliver what your headline suggests or promise.

Evergreen content and SEO

Creating evergreen content is a great strategy to improve rankings by having content that is constantly searched by readers. Also, it will make your site constantly useful. News usually will do well in Google as it is a fresh piece, but it will fall later if it no longer drives traffic in the long run. Also, an article containing evergreen content is more likely to attract links and google searches over time.

Link building

Good content will attract links. If your content is distributed effectively, it will attract more attention and can influence more audience. This is not rocket science, just create content that people want to link and see how it works.

Internal links

This is an obvious way to use the content to help SEO Goals and improve the user experience. Internal links can help your site rank better for certain search terms. It will be more effective for Google crawl to rank your pages. It will also be useful for users in directing them to other relevant articles.

Surely, there are more ways that SEO and content marketing can work together. These reasons should be enough to urge you to use both methods and don’t just stick to one strategy.

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