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The Importance Of Sports Sponsorship

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There is a “social network" that perhaps more people can be uniting and growing without any control. Large companies have been dedicating their efforts for the said “social network" but SMEs hardly use them. That “social network" is shared by each of the practitioners in each of the social networks they have, but not only there but also in the forums and in the pages of a wearable brand. This “social network" is the amateur sport: a real social revolution that can become as influential as any other social habit today and it is predicted that it will grow exponentially until there are very few people who do not play sports in society.

The sponsorship is another key. To use the jersey is perhaps the most important thing, but for example, there are other sponsorships that are more economical and can even render similar exposure. You can sponsor the clothes that the athlete wears to get on the podium or for the events after the competition. These are the most uploaded photos to social networking sites among other things because while doing the activity they can hardly take pictures himself or herself. Oakley, for example, is an expert in this play and we do not recognize after a race Fernando Alonso or Valentino Rossi without their Oakley glasses. However, during the race, he has not used it.

Do not look at the number of people you sponsor, but what impact that person has in particular, that is, you can sponsor a cycling club or a marathon club and results in these race or activity in networks of the components can be much less Interesting to sponsor a single person who is standing out and is considered a local or regional figure. In this sense, it will appear in many accounts not only yours but in accounts press or people who want to share for various reasons the successes of this figure.

Depending on whether you want to focus the game on brand awareness or what you do or sell, you will use one means or another. If more people will use a particular brand, such product will surround sports events. The companies that sponsor teams work very well with the brand, as they not only make it known but also generate a positive image of it because of its support for the sport, an element that is well regarded by society as a whole.

There are relational marketing actions that may work more punctually and are very effective. For example, a brand of sports apparel placed a both in a sporting event, in which it offered the isotonic drink in a glass, the promoters have numbers attached to their clothes and the participants could get a number off their clothes for a chance of winning a prize. These specific actions are also very interesting and in addition, if you know how to work, they move very well in social networks.
Health-related companies such as pharmacies, opticians or physiotherapeutic clinics can dedicate themselves to the printing of sportswear that they can distribute in a sports event, this is more directed to a strategy and not to advertising, to create a place of reference for your business for the local sport. It is an interesting opportunity and that, no doubt, has a future that will not stop easily.

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