Marketing matters are easy to understand.

Marketing matters are easy to understand.

"People share, read and generally engage more with any type of content when it’s surfaced through friends and people they know and trust." - Malorie Lucich

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Local SEO

Are you a florist or a barber at your local community? It is good to start a business which can showcase your passion, but it gets better when people would have an idea of what you can do. A local SEO company would do so much for the benefit of your small business. If you"re just starting out, you need a steady amount of customers to make your business thrive.

The best place to start growing business is at the very heart of your local area. This is when local SEO enters the scene. Now, what is local search engine optimization all about? You might have heard of SEO, but local SEO may be a more accurate kind of marketing strategy. As you might have guessed, local SEO gives more meaning to small businesses who want to attract local customers.

In starting your business, you may have distributed some flyers or ads in your neighborhood, but you can never be sure if people will spot you. With local SEO, you can easily reach your customers who are looking for products and services you offer. Being skeptical is natural at the beginning, but once you know what you"ll reap, you"ll be glad to have integrated local SEO in your marketing ploy. Here are some reasons why you need to consider hiring an SEO expert to be more prominent locally.

More local customers are using the internet to search for services they need.

In our modern times, it"s easy to find something as long as you"re connected to the internet. With this in mind, potential clients find it more convenient to search for products and services. The era of phonebooks and paper directories are long gone as search engines would give quicker results. Now, one thing you need is to get more visibility online to catch the attention of potential clients.

People would choose businesses which are near to their location than those which are relatively far. So, local searches are more important than we expect it to be.

Increased return on investment or ROI.

Compared to other advertising such ads on local newspapers and flyers, local SEO will be more efficient in getting you more clients. You can also reach a specific audience according to your niche. It"s nice to get timely results for every dollar you invest.

Local marketing is targeted well.

Local SEO and national SEO don"t differ when it comes to the techniques to be used. There are just some adjustments to be done in creating a balance for putting more focus on local audiences. Prices may differ, too as local SEO is more affordable than its national counterpart.

If you"re able to utilize online directories and local search engines, you can accurately attract the right customers. While you"re at it, you can even interact with your clients as they leave reviews about your business on directories such as Yelp.

You can build a relationship with your community.

Your community will play a significant role in making your local marketing success. For you to be more visible on local directories, positive reviews will do most of the work. You"ll be eventually creating relationships with members of the community and even other local businesses in the area. Not all businesses have claimed their entities online, and you"ll have an edge compared to your competitors.

If you"re not sure about trying SEO, you can start with local SEO. You can try to correct all your business information in some online directories throughout the web. Then, you can go on to local link building, engaging content, positive online reviews and so on. You can also hire the best local SEO to get the job if you don"t have much time to work on this campaign.

Ways SEO And Content Marketing Can Work Together

Since the rise of the concept of content marketing, there have been many expert opinions announcing the end of SEO and its replacement by this “new" discipline. Many years have passed, and SEO is still strong. This shows that content marketing does not replace SEO but rather compliments it.

The main differences between content marketing and SEO:

  • The aspects of SEO are more technical than content marketing. This includes correct use of URLs, title and alt tags, site maps, and others.
  • The content marketing is broader and not necessarily confined solely to fulfill SEO goals.

Content marketing and SEO should work together.

Some say that SEO is merely the creation of good content for search engines to index. It is the job of SEO to make the content ranked as important. Otherwise, every effort made for content marketing will be wasted. It doesn"t matter how good your content is if it will be penalized by Google, or Google will not index the page correctly, that content will be useless. That"s why both teams should work hand in hand. Companies offering SEO services in Jacksonville have been employing these two strategies to make them more effective.

Let us see some ways how SEO and content marketing work together:

Create original and quality content.

Posting quality content is very useful since keyword stuffing is no longer effective. However, creating good content but has weak paragraph will not work in SEO. This two discipline should work together.

From the SEO perspective, create original content and make it unique and attractive to differentiate it from your competitors. It will also give your website content for the search engine to index.

Make your content interesting. Ask yourself if your content inspires people to navigate your site for more than 2 minutes. Visitors staying on a website for a while will also help in SEO.

Research keywords

In this task, it is essential for the content marketing and SEO to work together. First, you must produce content with good quality. However, you should make sure that the content will have the potential to rank high and get the exposure it deserves. To achieve this goal, your content needs to match search terms that people search on Google and other search engines.

If you use a lot of technical terms in your articles, the type of language you use will not match the majority of searchers are using. To avoid this, search for Keywords to discover the popular terms and see if it matches the language you use.

Monitor keyword performance

Once you got a list of terms and phrases that you will use for your content, it is important to monitor their performance. Is the content you produce taking effect on search positions? Do not expect immediate results; it may take some time before you see movements in searches. Paragraph and some inclusive keywords can be much more competitive.

There is no guarantee of success, but a logical strategy applied properly on targeted content will work better than random contents. While using the proper keyword is important, one should not be too tied up to it to the point that it will affect the quality of content.


They should be descriptive and good enough to convince people to read your article. However, don’t overdo it as it will become a “click bait” which is always frowned upon. Make sure that your content will deliver what your headline suggests or promise.

Evergreen content and SEO

Creating evergreen content is a great strategy to improve rankings by having content that is constantly searched by readers. Also, it will make your site constantly useful. News usually will do well in Google as it is a fresh piece, but it will fall later if it no longer drives traffic in the long run. Also, an article containing evergreen content is more likely to attract links and google searches over time.

Link building

Good content will attract links. If your content is distributed effectively, it will attract more attention and can influence more audience. This is not rocket science, just create content that people want to link and see how it works.

Internal links

This is an obvious way to use the content to help SEO Goals and improve the user experience. Internal links can help your site rank better for certain search terms. It will be more effective for Google crawl to rank your pages. It will also be useful for users in directing them to other relevant articles.

Surely, there are more ways that SEO and content marketing can work together. These reasons should be enough to urge you to use both methods and don’t just stick to one strategy.

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Guidelines For An Effective Sports Sponsorship

Increasingly, leisure and entertainment activities are flooded with the presence of brands. Sponsorship, an indisputable marketing tool, has become a platform and vehicle for multiple actions that would not be possible without the presence of sponsors and partners. At the same time, sponsorship, and especially its activation, has been transformed to become a fundamental element in the positioning of an institution or brand unquestionably linking the product or service to the sponsored activity, the latter serving as a vehicle Of transmission of company values.

Although it is not its goal, the effectiveness and pricing of a sponsorship are generically measured by the television coverage it obtains, resulting in a curious paradox: it shies away from conventional advertising to finish valuing the amount of time that spectators. They pass in front of the television watching a certain event. The result is a biased return approach.

An appropriate strategy should be your starting point which, followed by a systematic, holistic approach, will lead to effective sponsorship. It is much more than a logo in a space, you should add to your brand an experience materialized in the sponsored team.

What steps should you follow? This article will present some of the guidelines for an effective sports sponsorship.

Analyze the sports event

Make an initial analysis of the event, activity, entity or sportsperson to sponsor. You should check the geographical scope, the time, its implementation and the category. Having clear the starting point and the true dimension or orientation of the sponsored event will resolve future doubts and surprises.

After initial analysis, follow it up with a detailed analysis of notoriety and positioning. Based on the above analysis, check the historical, repercussion by the public, participants, media, public opinion, etc. of the sponsored event or team.

Learn from the experience of others

Previous experience of other sponsors. It is of great value to have a reference, regardless of the reason, to quantify the effectiveness of the sponsorship and to be able to extrapolate it to our case.

Set how much will you invest

Total investment including activation. You must differentiate between the budget itself and the budget you need to maximize the action: conventional campaigns, promotions, sampling, merchandising, social media, etc … Bearing in mind that this second part can multiply by two the final amount. You have to ask yourselves if it is profitable or if you need that association. At this point you have to define the objective of the sponsorship and if it fits your objective and budget.

Determine your target audience

You can know which team to sponsor will be effective, but it is more important to determine and set your goal. You must have a very defined public map both by profile and by quantitative assessment. You should also define the current public sentiment and what you want to achieve with media coverage. For this, you will use contrasting data from previous editions in addition to the own reports of the organizers. Sponsorship allows a reasonable level of segmentation, but you need to know the target profiles.

Value your sponsored team or athlete

Value the experience and efforts of the promoters of the sponsored team and the company or institution that implements it. The activities already done will serve as a guide. In the case of a team or sportsman, its profile and previous positioning is a key element for its choice and suitability.

Determine the compatibility

Not all sponsorships are suitable for all products. There must be consistency between the image of the product/brand and the sponsored. Just as you follow the same line of communication with other marketing tools, sponsorship can not be affected by personal decisions based on hobbies or friendships, as the result can negatively influence the public"s perception of your business.

Return of investment

It is the great question of any communication strategy. What is the ultimate goal? Positioning, increased sales, customer loyalty, notoriety… The approach must be devised beforehand. You should also set how to quantify this return, cost per impact and all kinds of more qualitative approaches such as the image you are going to offer and the concept associated with it.

Think of possible alternative

You have to study whether, with the same investment in other channels, ATL or BTL, the return may be similar. Coherence, logic, and optimization are the three rules to follow. In the case of wanting to continue sponsorship, you should also evaluate the possibility of exchange, if the activity allows since in this case, you can multiply the profitability in relation to the investment made.

If, after studying all of the above, the result leads you to close the deal of sponsorship agreement, you must contractually detail the counterparts in presence, both time and space, and media coverage, in addition to reflecting the activities or parallel actions to be performed. Without forgetting all aspects of image rights in that the event, the entity or the sportsman are marked and its exploitation can have limitations of use and license.

Migrating To A Video Editing Business: What does it take?

Changing your career into a different path is challenging. The key to success is to confidently face any challenges and be not afraid to make a mistake so that you can recover from it quickly. Then, I apply the knowledge gained from the mistake so that you don"t go down that path again. This is the case for having the interest to start your career in video editing in Jacksonville FL.

If you are going to start building your online reputation as a producer and editor of videos, you need to be consistent in your outputs and uploads.The other challenge will be to ace the result of what every client wants. It is not enough to get them excited about using video marketing to promote their company, products, and services. You need to give them an outstanding result for their company’s website traffic. You need to focus on using the video to build their personal brand that will expose them to and attract potential customers.

The next step that you must know is video production and video editing in Jacksonville, FL. It is easy to make your video. There are good videos and lots and lots of bad videos out there to get some ideas. Go to YouTube and look for the good ones. To make good videos, you need to invest in good equipment like a high definition camera and invest in professional editing software or your production values are going to look cheap. You don"t have to be a Hollywood producer to create a good video, but don"t present yourself without any appealing look, or a joker or you will drive people away from your website.

Moreover, there are some key elements for your video to look professional. The camera work needs to be steady, the lighting needs to be sufficient, it must sound good, and it needs some basic editing to include information you want to highlight for potential buyers.

The choice for video directories for your clips are YouTube and Google Video. Undoubtedly, the more popular your choice of a site,  the more people are likely to view your clip. And that"s the same people you"ll direct to your site for traffic. With this, you have to be very particular about signing up for a video site. Go for the best, so that you"ll get only the best result. By following these simple tips, you can jump in and learn as you go.

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The Importance Of Sports Sponsorship

There is a “social network" that perhaps more people can be uniting and growing without any control. Large companies have been dedicating their efforts for the said “social network" but SMEs hardly use them. That “social network" is shared by each of the practitioners in each of the social networks they have, but not only there but also in the forums and in the pages of a wearable brand. This “social network" is the amateur sport: a real social revolution that can become as influential as any other social habit today and it is predicted that it will grow exponentially until there are very few people who do not play sports in society.

The sponsorship is another key. To use the jersey is perhaps the most important thing, but for example, there are other sponsorships that are more economical and can even render similar exposure. You can sponsor the clothes that the athlete wears to get on the podium or for the events after the competition. These are the most uploaded photos to social networking sites among other things because while doing the activity they can hardly take pictures himself or herself. Oakley, for example, is an expert in this play and we do not recognize after a race Fernando Alonso or Valentino Rossi without their Oakley glasses. However, during the race, he has not used it.

Do not look at the number of people you sponsor, but what impact that person has in particular, that is, you can sponsor a cycling club or a marathon club and results in these race or activity in networks of the components can be much less Interesting to sponsor a single person who is standing out and is considered a local or regional figure. In this sense, it will appear in many accounts not only yours but in accounts press or people who want to share for various reasons the successes of this figure.

Depending on whether you want to focus the game on brand awareness or what you do or sell, you will use one means or another. If more people will use a particular brand, such product will surround sports events. The companies that sponsor teams work very well with the brand, as they not only make it known but also generate a positive image of it because of its support for the sport, an element that is well regarded by society as a whole.

There are relational marketing actions that may work more punctually and are very effective. For example, a brand of sports apparel placed a both in a sporting event, in which it offered the isotonic drink in a glass, the promoters have numbers attached to their clothes and the participants could get a number off their clothes for a chance of winning a prize. These specific actions are also very interesting and in addition, if you know how to work, they move very well in social networks.
Health-related companies such as pharmacies, opticians or physiotherapeutic clinics can dedicate themselves to the printing of sportswear that they can distribute in a sports event, this is more directed to a strategy and not to advertising, to create a place of reference for your business for the local sport. It is an interesting opportunity and that, no doubt, has a future that will not stop easily.

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